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How to Harass a Bill Collector

How to Harass a Bill Collector (and make them wish they never called you)

This is a post we should have made a LONG time ago. For anyone being harassed by bill collectors, let’s ponder the possibilities of how someone in debt can turn the tables on the collection agency.

If you can top these ideas on how to harass a bill collector PLEASE leave your best tactics in the comments below.

1. Phone the Ombudsman, Manager, President of the Bank

This is a great tactic because if you complain to someone else about how rude, annoying, unreasonable or obnoxious the person calling you is being AND tell them that they should do something to stop the bill collector from harassing you, it really puts them in a tight spot.

Especially if you make demands like wanting everything in writing or following up with that persons boss regarding your complaint.

Also, when contacting the manager, let them know you are contacting the ombudsman, and when contacting the ombudsman let them know you are contacting the ministry (thats the next step).ย  This way, everyone knows there is a good record of the complaints you are making and some type of action will have to be taken.

2. File a complaint with the ministry

This is a VERY good way to piss off a collection agency, not just the bill collectors but also the managers. This is because they have to fill out paperwork and respond to the government for any valid complaints (there are many) made to the government regarding harassment, privacy violations, threatening behavior and collection law violations.

Scroll down to your province name to locate your provincial government agency to contact here.

3. Have fun with the collectors calls!!

Not enough people do this!! The only problem is that it usually causes them to call more frequently, but it will make them realize that they are wasting their time with you eventually.

Answering every questions with a question can be fun. Or answering the phone and leaving it off the hook for 5 minutes, repeating as necessary. Telling them random stories about what you are eating or asking them personal questions about their lives usually can work quite well. This is for the creative types who have a bit of time available.

4. Log Everything and Always Ask Questions

Write down the collectors name, get their full company details, ask them for their collector license number. Then make sure you ask who their supervisor is and ask to speak to them about the debt. Then when you get the supervisor on the phone ask who the collection manager is and try to talk to them about the debt.

This is not only annoying but lets you avoid dealing with the lowly bill collector. Although the managers used to be bill collectors and are usually quite uneducated as well so it really isn’t much different.

5. Fax the office repeatedly

Write your name and phone number in the middle of a piece of paper with the words ‘please stop calling me’ below it. Then take a black piece of paper and use it to ‘frame’ your note you are sending to the agency.

This way when you send your request it will also drain their fax machine ink. Double annoying for the secretary.

6. Show up at their office

If they are local, you can always stop by their office to talk in person. You would be surprised how much the bill collectors fear meeting the people they talk to on the phone. At the very least they will usually become more reasonable after knowing you aren’t scared to come and meet them in person.

If you do have the guts to show up though, just snap a picture with your phone and say ‘I got what I came for’ and walk away, it will seriously mess them up in the head for few days if you do it correctly.

7. Call them back repeatedly for no reason

Two ways you can approach this:


You can call them repeatedly in an angry fashion telling them to stop harassing you, dial different extensions, talk to the secretary, managers and anyone else that will listen over and over and over telling them that their bill collector is a loser and needs to F off.


Just randomly call them during your day and talk about ANYTHING other than your bill. You probably also want to tell the collector they are your only friend in the world.

Start in the morning, let the collector know what you had for breakfast, maybe call before lunch and let them know any good joke you may have heard during the day. If they start talking about your bills just say ‘I thought we were friends, and this is all you ever want to talk about.. ‘ then hang up. Then call them again in a couple hours like nothing happened and start with a new topic for them.

Also, make sure to leave them messages at night as well whenever anything ‘important’ happens in your life.

8. Record the phone calls and upload them on the internet

Use the collection agencies name and maybe even the bill collectors name in the title when you upload them to Youtube (or other social media sites that will work). This way when people search that agency or bill collectors name you can be assured it will eventually show up in google for others to know what scum bags they are!

Double points if you send the bill collector (or their co-workers) the links to the recorded calls you posted online.

9. Start a website or help an existing one that deals with Debt Assistance

There are very few places that REALLY get into the dirt and grime that the collection agencies throw at people in debt. Probably because most want to just turn a profit, but for the few good ones out there even just posting comments in a debt forum or telling others to check out a website that can help out can really mean a lot!

Basically send us a check. ๐Ÿ™‚





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  1. Kayla said

    I have been living in the USA for over 15 years. Contact Resources services has been calling me about a Canadian Tire account from 1992. They claim I owe them 2000. They have threatened to send the police to my last address in Canada from 1992. They now finally figured out I lived in the USA now. They wont stop their calls even though the statue of limitations has passed on this debt. Every time they call, I call them back about 20 to 30 times in retaliation for their harrasment. It works wonders. They act like the police is there and they are tracing the call. Some collectors started getting angry and saying all kinds of things. But non stop harrasment does wonders, they waste their time they get angry and pissed.

  2. George said

    I get harassing phone calls from debt collectors, and recently i have started answering but just playing loud annoying videos off youtube, so they hear it well threw the phone, and i dont say anything i let the music play for 5 minutes then hang up. Anything that is really annoying or crazy sounding would work. Not sure though if this will have any effect but it is all i can think off right now.

  3. SUSAN said


  4. admin said

    Nobody is trying to get out of paying a bill, the issue is the collection agencies believe they don’t need to follow the laws to recover debt.

  5. Reagan said

    Answer the phone when they call, but say NOTHING. Allow there to be noise in the background so that they know that someone is there. When they hang up, call them back and follow the same procedure. Call them 5 times for every time that they call you.

  6. Patrck said

    14 year old debt, they are bottom feeders. They of course know the statute has run out, they are counting on your ignorance.

  7. Jaffrrey said

    If you really want to harass a debt collector, pay your bill but don’t tell them. That way they won’t get commission and you can continue to enjoy their calls!

  8. admin said

    They usually have agreements with the institutions they collect for to still get commission. When the creditor wants the file closed, they will usually credit direct payments to the collection account and pay the commission to the agency and close the file.

  9. just me said

    Susan, what if you dont owe that bill they are referring to? Maybe we can have them call you and you can afford to pay someone elses bill.

  10. Payback is fun said

    Funny story…years ago was unexpectedly in a tight spot and ended up with collections. The thing assigned to me was rude, lied, and was generally an idiot. I remembered her name, and just recently learned she is a real estate agent. Her name, photo and cell number were posted online ๐Ÿ™‚ She is obese, repulsive, and her bland hair looks like rusted steel wool. Anyway, I called her cell today and left a message of “I wanted to call and say you are an attractive, intelligent woman with a lot going for her. APRIL FOOLS! You are fat, ugly and stupid, and the world would be better off without you.” Harsh, but nothing said was untrue, and she deserves this payback for being crude.

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